Express Delivery Services

at just 49*

Delivery Sumo is an on-demand, instant and secure delivery services for all your daily needs. We lighten your burden of work and alleviate all your stress by letting you focus on your life, while we perform all your time-consuming chores in a jiffy.

  • Documents
  • cheque deposits
  • books
  • forgotten items
  • laundry pick-ups
  • food from restaurants and groceries

For anything that required you drive down, stands delivered now.Our delivery agents are strategically placed around the town, so that you experience the most seamless delivery experience.

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"A load ON us, is a load OFF your mind"

We are a dynamic and an enthusiastic organization, here to give the word 'delivery' a whole new meaning. The best delivery services in whole NCR, it's instant, it's fast and it's reliable and it's here now. Your delivery errands are our responsibility. A dedicated team of delivery agents and management, aiming to create hassle-free and smooth delivery experiences.

  • Forgot your presentation file at home?
  • Need to get documents delivered?
  • Your favorite restaurant doesn't deliver ?
  • Want to get your laundry picked, washed and cleaned?
  • Can't take out time to buy groceries?

Delivery Sumo is the answer to all your daily delivery needs; Call us on +91 844-7777-844, our delivery agents are hungry for some deliveries!


Imagine not getting caught in traffic jams, not driving in the heavy traffic, not leaving home at all!. Yes we know all this makes you very happy, and we would like to keep it this way, happy and free from all your delivery chores.

Alerts and updates

Automatic SMS and email updates keep you posted a real time basis, about your order. You can even track your orders with our App. We update you on every step of the process, when it's booked; when it's picked and when it's dropped.

Time Saver

Time is money. We are the first company in India to adopt the time merchant concept. We trade time for money- we secure the best possible services to facilitate your daily life.

Timely deliveries

We don't miss Deadlines- Never have, Never Will! Being on time is wonderful and we believe in it. Our deliveries are instant and hassle-free. "Time is ticking, but don't worry we wont keep you waiting"

Safety of articles

Safety first! We care about your belongings and articles. We have strategic and planned processes for safe and secure delivery of your articles. We have taken safety to step forward, Still worried? don't be, insure your articles with us..

Low Cost

We save it all for you; petrol expenses, parking charges and waiting time.
All it takes is just 49* for your daily deliveries.

49 for first 4 Kms, Subsequently 9 per KM.

Delivery Sumo-App

Our app will be your best friend, making you happy and content. Whatever it might be, picking up pen-drives, forgotten items, food, grocery, everything you wish to acquire without going the distance will be done at the touch of a thumb.

We understand that your delivery chores arise more often, and we don't want you dialing numbers, tracking deliveries on call, rather we want you to have access to everything related to a delivery right in your pocket.

With our app, you can do a lot.

  • Place orders for food & groceries
  • Save delivery addresses
  • Avail discounts & offers
  • Book a pickup & drop
  • Manage payments
  • Track an order

Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we have niched a special segment in the app for customer support and feedback. Find anything troubleshooting, our team will be at your disposal instantly through just a touch.

An average smartphone user spends 3 hours on their phones, so why should we push you to a different platform. We are going to make your daily delivery needs a much simpler task, with our new upcoming app.

Delivery Sumo aims to set new benchmarks for the errands delivery industry, we wont stop till we make it perfect for you.

Our Offerings

Time is perhaps the most priceless thing one can think of in today's society. Although we tag it 'priceless' with ease, a second thought into the matter suggests that time can be measured in terms of money. The inception of Delivery Sumo in your life trades time for money, we bring to you a wide range of services perfectly suited to meet your requirements.

Are all medicines available at every corner of the city? Is the shop nearest to your place not so near at all? You can save a trip to the chemist and do something more worthwhile in that time. Even if what you order for doesn't qualify as an 'over the counter' drug, we will keep extra keen in carrying your prescription to fetch you the needful.

We will deliver not only food from restaurants that do not have home delivery facilities but also visit your favorite takeaway to procure your order and serve you as soon as possible, that too at amazing rates! Sounds attractive, right? All you have to do is just give us a call!

Express Delivery Services

To help you out with your grocery among several other forms of domestic help, our delivery agents will assume all responsibility of shopping all the stuff you need for your household. They deliver them right at your doorstep at moment you want them to be served. So just give us a call and find everything in place- we'll smoothly bridge the gap between you and your grocer!

Gone are the days when you had to waste your time to go to the laundry to do the needful. Our delivery agents will reach you whenever you want them to pick up your laundry from your doorstep, get them washed, rinsed, and ironed, and then delivered to you as soon as they can.

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